Elise Ansel
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Elise Ansel and Stephanie Buhmann, Time Present, Danese/Corey, November-December 2018
Elise Ansel and Stephanie Buhmann, Amber and Ebony, Cadogan Contemporary, October 2017
Elise Ansel and Joachim Homann, Dialogue, Danese/Corey, February 2017
Elise Ansel, Hanétha Vété-Congolo and Joachim Homann, Distant Mirrors, Bowdoin College Museum of Art, 2016
Elise Ansel and Lara Santoro, Fusion of Horizons, Cadogan Contemporary, December 2015
Elise Ansel, Palimpsest, Phoenix Gallery, February 2015
Elise Ansel, Drawn From History, Cadogan Contemporary, March 2013
Articles and Reviews

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